Hello baseball friends! Thank you for your interest in our baseball website,  As a former SEC player at the University of Alabama and a 33 year veteran coach at the collegiate level, I have had the unbelievable priviledge of developing and mentoring hundreds of young men throughout my career.  Not only in the game of baseball, but more importantly in the game of life.  I have always believed that participation in athletics and more specifically, the game of baseball will prepare young people for the curve balls that life will toss their way.  I believe those who learn the value of preparation, the importance of self discipline, and the power of teamwork will help them compete and perform better now as well as in their future endeavors.

All of us on the TotalBaseball team are committed to giving players, parents, and coaches the best information from the best sources in the baseball industry today.  We will take you "inside the game" sharing techniques and routines that have produced positive results at all levels of baseball including the Major Leagues.

Our team is dedicated to providing quality and proven instruction for player development from top professional and collegiate coaches.  You will also receive relevant and important information from professional scouts, as well as tips from todays pro and college players.

It's all right here!  Thanks for considering as your source for developing your "total" baseball player.


Coach Bobby Pierce

Developing The "TotalBaseball" Player

Developing The "TotalBaseball" Player

"Many times throughout my career, I dreamed of finding a way to share great baseball information with the next generation of young players.  As a head coach, the demands on my time would never allow that to happen ... until now."

   Bobby Pierce:

   33 Years of Collegiate Coaching Experience

   27 Years as a Head Coach at the College Level

   985 Career Wins

   2-Time Baseball Hall of Famer

   21 All-Americans Coached

   100+ Former Players Signed Professionally

   University of Alabama All-Century Team

   ABCA National Speaker 

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